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Freedom Paddlers Club (FRE) has been formed to give the surfski paddlers who regularly use Oceana Power Boat Club (OPBC) as a paddling base a club to join that is affliated with Canoeing South Africa and the Western Cape Canoe Union. Membership of FRE will give you access to the CSA structures and enable you to enter surfski dices and races around the country. FRE membership does not give you any OPBC membership benefits.

You do not need to join FRE to paddle from OPBC. FRE assists OPBC in managing surfski affairs and runs the weekly dice, the Oceana Clifton Challenge and The Freedom Paddle

OPBC owns and manages the facilities. To get member discount at the bar, apply for ski storage, not have to pay slip fees and park your car inside, you need to be a member of OPBC. Find out more here.

Annual fees for the Freedom Paddlers Club are R150 and run 365 days from date of fee payment. We only have a single class of membership. Complete the form below to apply for membership. On Submit, lookout for an email from us on how to pay your fees and a few other facts, you need to know.

If you intend to enter races then you will need a CSA/WCCU racing license. Head over to

and follow the steps.

There are 2 classes of license. A social license costs R 100 and lets you do inshore races of 10k or less. If you want to enter open-ocean races of a longer distance you will need to purchase a full license.

Both licenses require you to be marked off by the club safety officer as being surfski proficient. Once you have joined you can book a proficiency test if needed.

The Freedom Paddlers Club Membership Form

Membership Application

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